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This is the ultimate 3DO RGB board.

  • Works on all models execpt the Anvil Models (Late FZ-10 and Goldstar GDO-202)
  • 240p support added to the BT9101 encoder
  • 240p switching on all models
  • 240p switch never misaligns when changing from 480i to 240p.
  • Bootup in 240p mode
  • RGB image is center aligned.
  • Super clean installation

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER.  Units will be purchased from fab ASAP.  Expected ship date is Late Decemeber.

No longer are there wires running all over the console.   A custom flex attaches to the GPU feeding all digital signals directly into the RGB board.  The board takes incoming sync signals and modifies them output pure CSYNC.  It shifts the image so it is perfectly aligned.  It also handles the 240p switching so there is never a misalignment.

Please review the install documenation to make sure you are capable of install. The flex installation is for advanced installers only.


Please choose if you would like an RGB mini din kit.  I've seperated these products out as many people have existing RGB mods and will only need the main RGB board.  

Main Kit includes:

  • RGB Board (CSYNC Output)
  • 2x Flex cables (Im including a spare for each kit)
Optional RGB Mini Din Kit
  • 8pin or 9pin mini din (9pin is for use with HD retrovision genesis cables only)
  • 240p Switch
  • Mounting boards

All RGB mainboards are the same and can work on any compatible model 3DO.  However a very small bridge (CPLD Leg to Cap pad) needs jumped for consoles with the BT9103 encoder.  I will personally be soldering this very small bridge.  This small bridge will be changed in later revisions.

To determine which type of encoder you have you need to to see the motherboard.  Please visit to see a list of motherboards with encoders: http://dansprojects.com/3do_install.html

If you do not feel confident with the install please seek out one of my installers below.

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