GCDual 5.3

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This is sold out for the moment, I have more on order and should have stock available in mid/late July.

The ultimate internal video upgrade for your DOL-001 Gamcube.

  • Simultaneous HDMI & Analog Output
  • Analog RGBS/RGsB/RGBHV/YPbPr available
  • Digital Port is NOT removed and is fully functional
  • Runs the latest version of GCVideo by Ingo Korb

GCDual is an internal hardware designed to run GC-Video 2.4a by Ingo Korb for the DOL-001 Nintendo Gamecube. It outputs analog video and HDMI simultaneously.  It can output 240p/480i/480p in all video modes.  240p/480i and can be line doubled to display 480p.  The analog portion supports the following outputs: RGBS/RGBHV/RGsB/YPbPr.  Composite sync can output TTL or annenunted levels depending on the jumper state of JP2. RGBS Scart cables can easily be setup to use a CSYNC cable or Compsite Video Sync cable. 

There currently is no good "off the shelf" solution for VGA.  For YPbPr I designed a cable but do not plan to personally sell them at this time. These cables can be bought from Jacob over at TinkerPlunk.  https://tinkerplunk.com/gamecube-component-cables/

If you would like to know more about the features available with GC-Video (Like the On screen display, etc)  Please checkout Ingo Korb github,https://github.com/ikorb/gcvideo

GC-Video also carries this license: https://github.com/ikorb/gcvideo/blob/master/README.md

This is a pre-assembled kit that includes everything you need to install, besides basic tools.  A list of tools need is listed in the install instructions. Installation is for advanced users only.  Each kit is throughly tested before being packaged and sent out.  I cannot be held responsible for damage to any console or kit.  

Installation Instructions: GCDual Install Guide

QSB Jumper Guide: GCDual Jumpers

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